Dragon Quest’s Hero Release Date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Potentially Hinted At

Found in the most unlikely of places.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate expert PushDustIn recently tweeted about an advertisement seen in a Japanese 7/11 convenience store. The advertisement says that Hero, from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series, will be playable in Smash this summer. However, the advertisement display will only be up until August 4.

August 4 just so happens to be the day of the Smash finals at EVO 2019. Smash is already the most registered title at EVO, so Nintendo is surely looking forward to having a large captive audience at the tournament. Releasing a DLC character during all of that hype would be a great way to generate new interest. Furthermore, there have been a number of major fighting game announcements made at EVO in the past. A new character release for Smash would be a natural continuation of that legacy.

Previously, Nintendo also released a video that seemed to indicate Hero could be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the end of July based on the description of the video. While that description was eventually changed, that didn’t keep fans from thinking that Hero’s arrival could be very soon.

All that being said, this is hardly definitive news. For the moment, it may be best to consider this a possibility, and not necessarily a probability. Check out the advertisement below and decide for yourself.

Dragon Quest's Hero Release Date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Potentially Hinted At

The Hero will be available as a standalone “Challenger Pack” for $5.99. You can also get the “Ultimate Fighters Pass.” It costs $24.99 but grants access to all five Challenger Packs, including Joker’s and Banjo-Kazooie’s. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now, exclusively on Switch.

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