Dreadlands Developer Wants Players to Name an Unknown Monster

Please, do not call it Cuddles.

The turn-based strategy game Dreadlands, developed by Blackfox Studios and published by Fatshark, is looking for a name for one of its new beasts. In order to name it, the team is asking the community.

Dreadlands is an upcoming title which plans to grab its players and throw them into the apocalypse through a shared world where they’ll fight for Glonithium, a valuable resource. The games shared world means that encounters with other players should be frequent, and sometimes these encounters may be PvE, while others may be PvP.

With it being the apocalypse, as stereotypes have it, there will be monsters to encounter. But one of these monsters don’t have a name yet, and that’s where the community comes in. Blackfox Studios state that if your name is chosen you’ll bag yourself the role of the Senior Monster Name Specialist. The position only being open for one unnamed monster which is currently unknown to the masses.

The monster in question can be found below, but we don’t know anything about its history, or any abilities it may have. Blackfox Studios want those taking part to send their name idea to this part of the Dreadlands website.

The winner will find the chosen name is forever tied to the monster. They’ll also bag a free copy of Dreadlands when it launches, their name in the credits, and a Mionix Naos Gaming Mouse.

Dreadlands is currently planned for release in Q1 2020 and will be available for PC. The monster is below, and please, don’t call it Cuddles.

Dreadlands Developer Wants Players to Name an Unknown Monster

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