E3 2020 Will Reportedly Include a New Floor Plan, Industry-Only Day, and More

In a new report, E3 2020 will see several changes including a new floor plan, an industry-only day, and more.

In a report from Gamedaily.biz, E3 2020 will be overhauled and feature a new floor plan, an industry-only day, and more. These details come from a presentation given to members of the ESA.

Rather than having just traditional booths, E3 2020 will also reportedly have experience hubs that include celebrities making an appearance. Some examples in GameDaily’s report are the Los Angeles Lakers playing a basketball video game and a celebrity participating in a tournament.

The ESA is also planning to add an additional 10,000 gamer pass attendees to E3 2020, which means 25,000 consumers can attend the show. With this increase, the report mentions the E3 schedule may include an industry-only day on the first day of E3 and the other two days will include consumers.

Other changes include having more paid media partnerships and engaging with more influencers and content creators. An example of a media partnerships mentioned in the presentation is a CNBC show called Tech Impact. 

Another big change reportedly coming is a Disney Fastpass-esque system that will cut down wait times to play demos. Additionally, they plan to add something called “queuetainment” which is marketed towards people waiting in demo lines.

Over the past couple of years, publishers like EA have opted out of attending E3. Additionally, Xbox’s presence is outside the Los Angeles Convention Center and PlayStation didn’t attend E3 2019. Twitter user @ZhugeEX provided statistics on the biggest gaming conventions and E3 ended up at the bottom with only 66,000 attendees. With all these changes supposedly coming next year, it’ll be interesting to see where E3 goes in the future.

E3 2020 will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 9 to 11 2020.

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