EA Was Reportedly Interested in Acquiring Bethesda and ZeniMax at One Point

According to a new report by Bloomberg, EA was one of the companies that could acquire Bethesda before Microsoft came in.

ZeniMax’s recent acquisition by Microsoft has revealed some interesting facts about the company’s recent activities and customer’s in the video game industry. The latest one is a report by Bloomberg that claims EA was also interested in acquiring Bethesda, but fortunately, it didn’t happen.

Bethesda’s merger to Xbox Game Studios was truly one of the biggest stories that we’ve ever seen in the video game industry during the current generation of consoles. The news almost shocked everyone for a few seconds. However, it seems Microsoft wasn’t the only customer for acquiring ZeniMax.

A new report from Bloomberg around the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft reveals that at one point, EA was so close to buy out ZeniMax and acquire the rights of all the IPs it owns, though it never happened. It’s quite interesting that Electronic Arts, a company that is mostly known for developing multiplayer-focused titles had intentions to acquire a company with a huge catalog of single-player story-driven games. I think most of us can agree that such a merger wouldn’t have any significant achievements for gamers.

Although EA failed to acquire Bethesda, it seems they are very passionate to make a big deal in the industry and acquire a bunch of new studios. Recently, when AT&T showed some intentions for selling Warner’s gaming divisions, EA was named as one of the customers interested in acquiring Warner Bros. Interactive.

Despite looking for new studios to acquire, EA already has a great catalog of games that for any unknown reason don’t receive sequels. The company owns the rights for popular franchises like Dead Space, Command & Conquer, Mirror’s Edge, Medal of Honor, The Sabouter, and more, but none of them have received a deserving sequel over the past years, except for Medal of Honor which will get a VR entry in the near future.

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