EGX Rezzed Postponed to Summer 2020 Because of COVID-19

The London-based event, EGX Rezzed has been officially postponed until summer 2020 due to growing coronavirus concerns.

Another cancellation in the gaming industry comes from the UK, and in the form of EGX Rezzed. The Eurogamer event has now officially been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Originally, EGX Rezzed was to be taking place in London at the Tabacco Docks on March 26 through to March 28. The new dates, as well as a new venue, are to be announced “in due course,” but we do know that it’s being postponed until summer 2020.

Reedpop issued a statement saying, “Having monitored the situation around COVID-19 constantly over these last few weeks and following many hours of conversation internally and with our partners, we have taken the incredibly difficult decision to move EGX: Rezzed to Summer 2020 with date and announcement forthcoming,” It continues, “We did everything that we could to try to run the event as planned, but ultimately, maintaining social distancing is neither feasible at, nor in the spirit of, the interactive and community nature of Rezzed.”

Yesterday, Reed Exhibitions issued an update saying that the event would be running as planned, and they included a list of practices to ensure you stay healthy when attending the event. One being, “Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and other people,” for those who know how small the Tabbaco Dock is, this is near impossible.

“It is the community that makes Rezzed so special and it is our duty to make sure that your safety comes first.” Reedpop continued with their statement today, “Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 virus in what is an incredibly challenging time, and we remain determined to run EGX: Rezzed in 2020 for everyone who has looked forward to and wants to attend the show,”.

Tickets are apparently still valid for the new Rezzed dates, but if ticket holders can’t make the new dates when they’re eventually announced, they can reach out to customer services to discuss the next steps.

EGX Rezzed is an event run by Eurogamer but is smaller than its larger EGX event. It has a stronger focus on indie titles, developer sessions, and opportunities to speak with developers, publishers, and more. COVID-19 has seen delays for GDC, E3 2020, and I’m fairly sure that at some point, literally, everything is going to close for a while. While it’s a wise choice to cancel the event, seeing these large events have to be put off means that smaller developers, publishers, and PR that were hoping to make connections and spread awareness are unable to.

Stay home if you can, or if you feel ill. Wash your hands. Take care of yourself, and for God’s sake, don’t go and buy hundreds of toilet rolls.

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