Elite Dangerous September Patch Brings Fully-Voiced Tutorial and New Currency, Fleet Carriers Coming Later

Elite Dangerous is getting tons of new updates and additions such as a fully voiced tutorial, a new currency called Arx, and Fleet Carriers.

Elite Dangerous, a space-flight simulation game, is bringing some new changes to the title as revealed during this year’s Gamescom. Frontier Development has been making changes to the early sections of Elite to make things more accessible to players unfamiliar with the genre.

A major part of that is coming out on September 17th: a fully-voiced tutorial. This is intended to cover the basics of flight, combat, travelling and scanning — the game’s core, and most common actions. The September update will also replace Frontier Points with Arx, a new paid currency players can use to buy cosmetics. It can also be earned by playing the game.

And finally the long awaited Fleet Carries will finally arrive in December. All players will be able to buy their own Fleet Carrier, which they can pilot alongside 15 other teammates for a single, 16-player ship. Fleet Carriers are capable of supporting smaller ships thanks to 16 landing pads (eight large, four small, and four medium). This also means other ships can use them to repair, refuel and rearm.

Fleet Carries can be used for different gameplay styles, such as exploration, trading, mining, combat, and even piracy and smuggling. Players will be able to pick from a few pre-set loadouts, each customized for a particular experience.

Check out the official Gamescom trailer posted below for all the information:

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One and Two launched last year and featured plenty of new content such as brand new ships and missions. A previously released massive update for Horizons, Update 2.3, added multi-crew co-op play, Holo-Me avatar creator, and more.

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