Epic Game Store Finally Adds a Wishlist Feature

The Epic Game Store continues its slow march to being a fully-featured game store with the addition of the much-requested Wishlists.

When Epic launched their own alternative game store in late 2018, there were plenty of people on both sides of the fence. Some praised the service for giving a bigger split to developers than Valve’s own Steam service does. Plus, the more curated store results in fewer titles clunking up the system. However, others felt the service lacked many key features that Steam has, making it a less attractive service. Well, fortunately for those players, Epic continues to add to the service. Today, one of the most-requested features is finally being introduced today. That’s right. Wishlists are finally here.

Wishlists are a much-needed feature for any online store. Having an easy way to save games as a reminder to yourself feels essential with often digital games go on sale. Players are always looking for good deals and a wishlist is the easiest to find out when games you want to buy drop in price. It’s also a great way to save a game that isn’t out yet and get a reminder when it launches.

That said, wishlists are something of a secondary feature. They won’t completely change your experience by any means. I’m sure many players who don’t use the Epic Game Store have other things they’d prefer to be added first. However, it does at least show that Epic is slowly working toward a fully-featured store that can better compete with the giant that is Steam.

Wishlists are available now on the Epic Game Store. You can check it out on the web or via Epic’s launcher.

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