Evil Hunter Tycoon is a town management sim for iOS and Android where you'll assemble and upgrade a team of Hunters

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an upcoming casual sim game from SuperPlanet that sees players becoming the chief of a ruined town they’ll be tasked to rebuild. It’ll be heading for both iOS and Android on 31st March.

The town is also a place for Hunters to live so you will need to create various facilities such as pubs, inns and restaurants to provide them with places to go after a long hunt. It’s also important you have good items to equip them with as the town’s success hinges on what how well the hunters can scavenge.

You’ll have control over which Hunters will be able to live there too by handling the hiring and firing. They will all have different classes, personalities and abilities to consider before letting them move to your town. If you feel like they’re lacking in a particular area you can build an Academy to improve them further.

Here they’ll be able to learn additional Skills, Traits and Secret Techniques, giving you a fair amount of agency over their build. Once a hunter hits level 10 they’ll be able to reincarnate which allows them to become even more powerful, gaining access to additional traits and a new class.

There are also PVP elements on offer for those who like to test their skills against other players. You can directly challenge another Town’s Hunters in the Colosseum or tackle Boss raids co-operatively with other players, which will net you a plethora of rewards.

If you choose to pre-register for Evil Hunter Tycoon you’ll earn yourself 20,000 Gold, 100 Gems and more when you log in to the game. If you’re interested in all of that, you can do this now over on the App Store or Google Play ahead of its expected release on 31st March. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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