Fantasy MMORPG Land of Angel: Chaos Origin opens for pre-registration on Google Play

Land of Angel: Chaos Origin is the latest MMORPG from UnlockGame, the minds behind Fantasy Legend: War of Contract and Legacy of Destiny.

This one’s set in a land once ravaged by all-powerful dragons. Thankfully, brave heroes rose to the challenge and ended their reign, but now a new threat both dark and bloodthirsty has stepped out of the shadows.

Now, the undead have risen and started taking over the world. The only fighters capable of taking them down happen to be you and your band of monster hunters.

With it being an MMO, you can expect plenty of dungeons and bosses to take down alongside other players. While the risk may be great, the reward for delving into the most dangerous parts of its world is well worth the effort.


There also appears to be an element of romance to Land of Angel, with you having to search for a wedding ring in order to win the affection of another. The only problem is the ring happens to be guarded by pesky dungeon bosses.

Besides the ring, you can also woo your love interest with the use of some fancy costumes. It’s all incredibly romantic.

And if your marriage doesn’t quite pan out and you’re left feeling all lonely, you could perhaps fill the void with some pets or even a trusty mount.

More info on Land of Angel: Chaos Origin can be found over on its official Facebook page, and if you like your MMOs served with a side order of romance, you can pre-register to play over on Google Play.

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