FIFA 20’s Latest Pitch Notes Reveals New Pro Clubs Updates

EA releases the latest pitch notes, detailing everything coming to FIFA 20’s online Pro Clubs mode.

FIFA 20 is on the horizon and EA has slowly been trickling out new details about the game. Earlier this month we got a first look at the new gameplay updates they’re implementing and today the focus is on Pro Clubs. This online mode lets you play with up to ten friends in a virtual club, each player controlling their own created player. The mode has been in FIFA since FIFA 09, but some fans have felt the mode has been somewhat abandoned in favor of the moneymaker that is FUT. While this year’s updates likely won’t satisfy everyone, there are a few interesting additions.

The biggest addition this year might be the improved customization options. You’ll be able to better finetune how pretty your football boy can be and better place him on the field thanks to the reintroduction of a few key positions. In FIFA 20, you again have the option to play as an LF/RF, LM/RM, and RWB/LWB. Adding these positions isn’t some revelation. In fact, you could argue that they should have been around from the jump. However, it should provide clubs with better tactical opportunities as they build up their lineup.

EA has also changed up player progression, making position, height, and weight matter. So, if you’re a 6’5″, 209 lb. Swede trying to play CAM, you’re probably going to have a bad time. Essentially, big boys will struggle with their stamina and pace. The team has also introduced 30 new traits that should allow you to tweak your player more to your liking. These look very similar to what we’ve seen them do in The Journey the last few years, which makes sense with that story mode going away.

Finally, Pro Clubs will have some new cups to participate in. The new House Rules Cup mixes things up by giving every cup a different set of parameters. For example, the Long Range Cup sees every goal scored outside the box count for two points. These should be a fun little change of pace for veteran clubs. Plus, you can finally run practice matches against the AI, giving you a chance to work on tactics in between cups.

All in all, these additions are mostly disappointing. Pro Clubs feels like something EA could really blow out. Heck, as long as they keep it cosmetic, they could even monetize the mode fairly easily and not make too many enemies. Unfortunately for Pro Club players, it just doesn’t seem like EA is interested at this time. Maybe next year.

FIFA 20 will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 27. A Legacy Mode will arrive on Nintendo Switch on the same day.

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