FIFA 20’s Volta Mode is Just as Fun as FIFA Street or Rocket League

FIFA 20’s brand new Volta mode is proving to be a breath of fresh air for EA’s long running series.

When I first saw FIFA 20’s brand new Volta mode at EA Play this year, it seemed like a breath of fresh air for the long-running series that had been stagnant in recent years. That being said, I was not able to actually try out Volta then, though I finally had the chance to do so at an event at EA Redwood Shores. Fortunately, Volta was just as fun to play as I was expecting without teetering over into arcadeyness. Despite that, playing Volta for the first time still heavily evoked my first experiences with titles like the FIFA Street series and even the insanely popular Rocket League. 

That Rocket League analogy may sound odd at first considering it is drawing from Streetball, but Volta matches actually did have some of the same energy in terms of gameplay as I was playing faster, dirtier, and was bouncing the ball off walls as if it was the fourth player on my team. After seeing a overview of the mode as well, Volta is set to have a ton of depth when FIFA 20 arrives in September.

From a gameplay standpoint, Volta plays just as one would expect FIFA to. It is built on the same engine as the base game, so it was easier for the Volta devs to homogenize the two modes. Still, moves in Volta do have a bit more flair to reflect streetball; for example, you can get down on the ground and hit the ball with your head with the right button combination. Players will also jump or flip off a nearby wall after scoring, adding to the adrenaline rush that is scoring without tying it to a voluntary button press like Madden. Adding all of this to the more minute gameplay changes that are being added to FIFA 20 based on community feedback, and players certainly have an addictive mode on their hands.

I had the chance to try the 3v3 mode and 5v5 mode across three different maps with my created character and his squad, and each provided their own kind of fun. Playing intensely on a Tokyo arena with walls was really thrilling as players shuffled to be both on the offensive and defensive as there was no goalie, just like one typically does in Rocket League. Meanwhile, playing 5v5 in an indoor German field with no walls made the game feel a bit more traditional, though the added flair still kept Volta invigorating. Playing against other people is fun, but working with them can be even more hectic as you call out to each other trying to ensure that you are in the right position to score in such a fast-paced affair.

All of these impressions are great, and this all just stems from the Volta Tour mode where players will be facing off against and recruiting players through tournaments around the world. In the final game, all squads will be user-generated with characters created by players from around the world. This will hopefully make the game feel much more alive, and was actually one of the best elements FIFA could have taken from the NBA Live games.

FIFA 20's Volta Mode is Just as Fun as FIFA Street or Rocket League

If players do not want to dive into Volta Tour or Kick-Off right away, there will also be a story mode to ease players into Volta. Mum’s the word on Volta Story details right now, but it still stands out as something that could be one of the most intriguing parts of the entire Volta experience. For a first implementation of a new mode, Volta seems pretty meaty, though I still see room for expansion. While they are not in it this year, I would like to see some of FUT’s new modes like Mystery Ball or King of the Hill adapted for this mode as they would pair well with Volta’s frantic nature.

While EA would not confirm or deny if Volta is compatible with any other modes to us, it still stood out as incredibly fun on its own. If you have been considering picking up a new soccer game for years but typically prefer something like Rocket League more than a pure simulation, Volta may be the mode to finally draw you in. Volta draws all the right elements from both FIFA Street and FIFA 20’s traditional gameplay to stand out as the mode that at least I will definitely be playing the most this year.

FIFA 20 releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 26, 2019.

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