Final Fantasy VII Remake is Releasing Early in Australia

If you live in Australia, you should be able to pick up Final Fantasy VII Remake right this moment.

Even though its official worldwide release is still over a week away, it seems that one major retailer in Australia is letting fans get their hands on Final Fantasy VII Remake right now.

Announced by EB Games’ Australian branch recently, Final Fantasy VII is officially available to purchase at the retailer right now ahead of its true launch date. EB Games only asked those who do already have the game to still keep spoilers, videos, and screenshots to themselves until the game is actually out.

This situation isn’t too shocking given that earlier in the week Square Enix said that it would be shipping Final Fantasy VII early to both Europe and Australia. As a result, this was something that Square Enix expected to occur. While the shipping date to other western regions, namely the U.S., was a bit later, Square still expects it to be available for everyone on launch day.

For now, it doesn’t seem like those of us in the United States are set to get our hands on the game ahead of time, but maybe that could change, even if it doesn’t seem likely. Given how much this release situation for Final Fantasy VII has been changing over the past week, perhaps we’ll get lucky and see an early release in North America as well. And even if it doesn’t, well, at least the game’s not far away at this point.

Final Fantasy VII is set to arrive next week on April 10, exclusively on PS4. Stay tuned to hear more of our thoughts on the final product in the future.

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