Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Shinra Building Entrance

We have finally gotten a glimpse of what another area will look like in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4.

Now that a firm release date has been set for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans just want to see more of what the game will have to offer. Even with a full demo at E3, we’ve still only really seen the mission that opens the entire RPG. Today, the game’s official Twitter account finally gave us a look at another area in Final Fantasy VII Remake: the entrance to the Shinra Building.

While players do visit this location relatively early in the original, it is worth noting that the Final Fantasy VII Remake releasing next year only covers the Midgar portion of the game. As such, players will probably will probably spend a decent amount of the game in and around this building. The piece of concept art does a great job at realizing the massive scale of this building and actually shows people working there. Meanwhile, the in-game screenshot gives us a better idea of what it will look like in-game and how Cloud fits into it. You can see these images for yourself with the tweet below:

Even though it is not much, it is great that Square Enix are finally starting to show more parts of the Final Fantasy VII Remake after years of silence. DualShockers did try the game out at E3, so you can check out our impressions of the remake in our preview. If you just can not wait to try the game, someone recreated one of the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s boss fights in Media Molecule’s Dreams.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases exclusively for PS4 on March 3, 2020. It can also be pre-ordered right now on Amazon.

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