Fire Emblem Three Houses Amiibo and Online Features Detailled; New Japanese Commercials

Setting Fire Emblem Amiibo will grant you rare items and unlock bonus BGMs of past Fire Emblem games.

Through Famitsu, Nintendo revealed the Amiibo functionalities and part of the online features of Fire Emblem Three Houses, along with two new TV commercials. Amiibo allergic players should rejoice as unlike Fire Emblem Fates, Amiibo linked to Fire Emblem Three Houses won’t be unlocking grandiose things such as exclusive classes.

Setting Amiibo at the “Amiibo Gazebo” in-game will make random items appear randomly on the ground for the protagonist to pick up. Nintendo, however, noted that using Fire Emblem characters Amiibos will grant you better and rarer items. According to Destructoid, setting Fire Emblem characters Amiibo also unlock various Fire Emblem series BGMs to use in-game.

Next, part of the online functionalities has been detailed. While Fire Emblem Three Houses is a single player game, online functionalities will allow players to influence each other to some extent.  If you head into battle while online, you might come across the souls of deceased soldiers from “other worlds”. Reaching them will get you items and “other good things might happen”.

Having online mode on will also make transfer students from “other worlds” appear in your own Officer Academy. These characters are students characters from other players. You’ll be able to buy items from these characters a bit cheaper than what you’d pay for at shops, and you can also play mini-games with them. It was also previously revealed that we’ll be able to compare our actions with other players online around the world, seeing their statistics week by week.

Needless to say, Fire Emblem Three Houses‘ online functionalities can only be used with a Nintendo Online subscription.

Born from a collaboration between Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo, Fire Emblem Three Houses is quite different from the past entries in the series, so you might want to read more about it to not get too lost when picking up the game. Trailers for each of the houses along with an overview trailer have been published as well. The game’s English launch trailer can also be watched here.

Lastly, Nintendo published two new Fire Emblem Three Houses commercials in Japan. You can find both below.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches exclusively on Switch worldwide on July 26. You can preorder the game on Amazon.

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