Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hacker Blesses Us With a Way to Drink Tea With Death Knight, Yourself, and More

If you ever wanted to drink tea with Death Knight, your father, the girl in your head, or yourself, a new hack for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is your jam.

One of the many mini-games in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that players can take part in are Tea Parties. These help to raise affection between the hero and whichever student (or staff member) you decide to sit down with. Of course there are understandable limits to who you can host a party with — until hacker DeathChaos decided to take a crack at that seemingly impossible challenge:

As you can probably tell from the above featured image and even the thumbnail, they managed to push the envelope. So for instance you can sit down with Death Knight, Sothis, Jeralt, or even yourself. Unfortunately, according to the hacker, they couldn’t get Rhea despite their best efforts. So I guess you can’t discuss destroying the enemies of

If you watch the video, it becomes clear that some of these characters may have been considered for this mechanic. Jeralt, for instance, says “Didn’t peg me as a tea drinker, did you?” after taking a sip of tea. Which makes me feel cheated out of something great.

And for anyone who wants to try this out for themselves, they state in the video description: “I will not be answering questions on how to do this.” So any other would-be hackers are on their own.

There’s a new accolades trailer that tells you why it’s a must play game (besides tea parties of course). And the UK clearly agree, as it reached the top of the charts for the second straight week. In a recent interview from Famitsu, it was revealed that the majority of Three Houses‘ development team came from Koei Tecmo.

Nintendo released new trailers and a beautiful piece of official artwork to celebrate the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game also has an Expansion Pass and Amiibo and online features. The game will receive a free update later on which will add Lunatic Mode.

Check out our glowing review of the game here. And if it makes you interested, you can order the standard version here and the limited edition set here.

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