Fire Emblem: Three Houses is Out Today so Here are Tons of New Trailers And a Beautiful Illustration to Help Make Up Your Mind

Fire Emblem Three Houses main artist Chinatsu Kurahana drew a really cool illustration for the game’s launch.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is now available on Nintendo Switch, so Nintendo is giving the game’s promotion a final push, with a bunch of new launch trailers, and a new key visual illustration, all included below.

Back when the Switch released in March 2017, Nintendo had already announced the next installment of the Fire Emblem series would come to the platform. We’re finally there now, 2 years or so later. Hopefully, Three Houses won’t disappoint. While I personally consider the Switch to be a portable console (and the actual best current console overall), marketing-wise, Fire Emblem Three Houses is the first home console Fire Emblem since Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on Wii on 2006.

Fire Emblem Three Houses also brings in plenty of new additions to the series, most notably the school and calendar system. The school system lets you train pretty much any character into learning any weapon and class. The calendar element gives Fire Emblem a slight Persona (or Tokimemo if you wanna showoff) feel as well.

Fire Emblem Three Houses also breaks with the children system, which is a fan-favorite thing. Most of nowadays’ Fire Emblem fans discovered the series with Awakening, the 3DS game which saved the series financially. Not bringing back the children system is a bold move by Intelligent Systems. It’s a bit ironic many consider the children system an iconic apart of Fire Emblem, while Fire Emblem games never particularly did it prior to Awakening, except in Fire Emblem 4, Genealogy of the Holy War. It’s my favorite Fire Emblem game, and similar to Three Houses, it’s an oddball and pretty different than the rest of the series.

Lastly, it’s important to note Fire Emblem Three Houses’ has a new character designer, Chinatsu Kurahana. She’s a talented artist and popular worldwide as the character designer of the Uta no Prince Sama multimedia idol franchise. The very first Utapri game released in 2010, and it quickly managed to become one of the biggest idol franchises. Utapri is still massive now as it nears its tenth anniversary.

While I like the works of Yusuke Kozaki, I particularly disliked his character designs in Awakening and Fates as I found them too similar,  all so taciturn and pale-looking. So I’m quite happy with the change. Kurahana did a splendid job with Fire Emblem Three Houses. The game has a really cool-looking cast, which you can admire in the brand new illustration she drew for the game’s launch.

Anyway, I personally won’t be getting a copy until Monday, at earliest. Even if I preordered it quite early. Public services like postal service are particularly bad when you live in most of Paris’ suburbs. Be sure to enjoy your weekend with the game. Watch the trailers if you’re still undecided on getting it. And get it on Amazon if you’ve made up your mind.

Fire Emblem Three Houses also has an Expansion Pass and Amiibo and online features. The game will receive a free update later on which will add Lunatic Mode.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is Out Today so Here are Tons of New Trailers And a Beautiful Illustration to Help Make Up Your Mind

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