Fire Emblem: Three Houses Welcomes The Blue Lion House in Latest Trailer

Get your first in-depth look at the newest house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The Blue Lion House hails from the north and is led by Dimitri.

As we near Fire Emblem: Three Houses July 26 release date, the team behind the tactical role-playing series is slowly pulling back the curtain on various aspects of the game. As a part of those reveals, we’ve been getting our first looks at the three different houses. Today, a new trailer went out that introduces Prince Dimitri and the Blue Lion House. Give the trailer a watch below.

Dimitri is the leader of the Blue Lion House. He enjoys combat training and hates anything that needs a fragile sticker to be shipped in the mail. The Lions view the virtues of strength and chivalry as the best to aim for. Dimitri and his kin come from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, which is situated in the freezing north.

Alongside Dimitri, the trailer gives us a look at a few other students of the house. Dedue is shown first and he has an affinity for both gardening and protecting his prince. He’s shown wielding massive gauntlets in the trailer, which makes me think he’s going to be a physical force to be reckoned with. Sylvain is one of Dimitri’s best friends who the Prince describes as a “skirt-chaser”. Ingrid rounds out the characters introduced here. She’s another of Dimitri’s childhood friends and does a much better job of extolling the values of her house than that flirt Sylain.

The trailer finishes with a few shots of gameplay. There’s not much new here from that perspective, but I still like these trailers quite a bit. This is, apparently, a 200-hour game, so I appreciate the opportunity to start getting to know the characters early.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out for Nintendo Switch on July 26.

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