Football Manager 2020 extends its free-to-play session on Steam for one final week

Football Manager 2020’s free-to-play session on Steam has been extended one final week.

The game remains completely free to play on Steam until 3pm UK time on 1st April on PC and Mac.

The fantastic offer comes as the UK goes into lockdown during the coronavirus crisis – and with real-world football postponed across the globe.

Meanwhile, developer Sports Interactive is offering free advertising within Football Manager itself to mental health charities in different countries who are helping people during the outbreak.

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson took to Twitter to call on charities interested to get involved.

Football Manager 2020 already runs in-game advertising on the virtual pitch – as you’d see it in a real football match.

It’s another fantastic gesture from Sports interactive, which has seen concurrent player numbers explode on Steam recently.

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