Fortnite and Other Battle Royale’s Streaming Viewership Have Dropped Once Again

Fortnite and other popular battle royales have seen a steady decline in streaming viewership during the last 4 quarters.

Is Fortnite dead? Absolutly not. It still remains one of the most popular games out right now and one of the most popular games of all time. However, its streaming viewership has just dropped once again for the fourth straight quarter along with many if the hottest battle royale games.

StreamElements, along with Twitch stats/analytics website SullyGnomes, released the latest quarterly State of Stream report that showed declines from April to June for hours watched on all of the top games in the genre such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. The report used data from all of the top streaming sites such as Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer.

Fortnite’s viewership dropped about 3.66% to just a little over 300 million hours watched. It is still the most-watched game on all of the streaming platforms.

Apex Legends saw the largest drop in viewership out of all of the battle royale games. In Q1, the game had almost 183 million hours watched while in this quarter the game dropped out of the top 10 entirely with less than 65.4 million hours watched.

PUBG was the last battle royale game still in the top 10 in viewership that saw a decline. The game dropped about 4.3% to 65.4 million hours watched which puts it in 10th place.

The genre is certainly not dead yet. Whenever Fortnite seems to have hit a wall, Epic releases a new event that seemingly brings everyone back to their game. However, its not to crazy to say that interest is slowly diminishing since this is the fourth quarter in a row with a decline in viewership.

Fortnite and Other Battle Royale's Streaming Viewership Have Dropped Once Again



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