Fortnite Chapter 2 cheats, tip – First things to do in Chapter 2

Fortnite has been destroyed, only to return as a brand new game. Well, okay in fairness most of it is still the same game you remember, but Fortnite Chapter 2 brings the big change to the game that fans have been craving for.

Of course, you can jump into the new battle royale on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, and if you go in primed with these tips, you’re sure to win.

These tips are aimed at anyone who is new to playing portable Fortnite, or anyone who has returned to the game after a hiatus. After all, Chapter 2 is a tempting draw for even the most jaded players.

So here are our initial tips for Fortnite Chapter 2, but make sure to keep reading Pocket Gamer for even more, and of course, we have our Ultimate Guide to Fortnite.

A whole new world

The map of Fortnite Battle Royale has been completely changed in Chapter 2 – while some areas may seem familiar to what you might remember in the past, there have been some massive changes and tweaks that completely change how the battle royale plays out.

Having said that though, the basics are the same. You know how to move, loot, shoot, open and close doors, build. All of the essentials to survive in even the harshest battle royale environment.

What you need to do now, I simply adjust to the new environments. When you find new buildings, ensure to make note of their exits and entrances, and where they might usually hide loot. Getting on top of buildings regularly is a good idea too, so you can see what distant lines of sight you can utilize for sniper shots.

You will start with a bunch of missions for uncovering your map and discovering landmarks, so it’s best to get that out of the way as soon as possible.


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