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Developer The Game Bakers, responsible for 2016’s gloriously psychedelic arcade boss-rush adventure Furi, has unveiled its next project, Haven.

According to the developer, Haven is an adventure RPG “about everyday love, rebelling against the rules and also, food”. It’s designed to be played “solo or with a special someone”, and there’s certainly an air of romance around the whole endeavour. “Play as two lovers who escaped to a lost planet,” Haven’s Steam page teases, “The only thing that matters is to stay together”.

The teaser trailer ups ante even further, showing our lovebirds drifting serenely across a vibrantly hued landscape before stopping for a quick snog beneath striking blue skies:

Beyond that, details are limited, although the various screenshots accompanying Haven’s announcement do offer a few additional hints of what to expect. Exploration appears to play a role, for instance – with those magical hover-shoes getting a thorough workout – and there are glimpses of a menu-driven battle system as our heroes face off against an alien foe.


Elsewhere, a still from a conversational cut-scene suggests that there’s a proper story in here somewhere, rather than mere ambient roaming. It’s not clear, however, if the characters shown are fixed, or if – given the encouragement to play with a real-life partner via local co-op – there’s scope to tailer the experience to more closely match your own relationship.

Haven is due to launch in 2020 on PC and currently unspecified “consoles”.

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