Galarian Ponyta is officially unveiled and will be a version exclusive for Pokemon Shield

During the 24 hour Livestream Pokemon did recently where we saw a trail cam in a Galar forest, there were glimpses of a Pokemon that looked suspiciously like Ponyta but with infinitely more fabulousness. Though we kind of knew already, it’s now confirmed it’s a Galarian form of Ponyta that will be a version exclusive for Pokemon Shield.

This variant of the previously flame covered horse has shed it’s vanilla form’s fire typing and has replaced it with the much cooler psychic type. This means that it’s flaming tresses have been swapped out for a more wondrous purple and blue mane. I liked Ponyta already but this version is a notable step up – it even has a cute little horn.

It comes with an entirely new ability too called Pastel Veil. This will prevent Ponyta and its allies from being afflicted with poison in battle. It can also cure any existing toxic that might be damaging its teammates too once it’s been sent out, so it could prove very useful in double battles. It’s an ability that makes perfect sense, I can’t see myself feeling sick around this majestic creature. 

As you can see from the trailer above it looks like the mane can also glow under different conditions too, which is cool. It does make me wonder what Galarian Rapidash will look like though as I rarely use unevolved Pokemon. Unless they throw the rulebook out the window and make this version of Ponya unable to evolve.

Galarian Ponyta joins Weezing, Zigzagoon and Linoone as the latest older Pokemon to receive a makeover. Meanwhile, Farfetch’d recently had it’s brand new evolution revealed which will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword. Given the choice at the moment I’m leaning towards Shield – give me a psychic pony over a knighted bird any day.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be heading to Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

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