Game Release Dates From Sony’s CES 2021 Trailer Have Been Removed

Sony has gone back and removed many details and game release dates from a previous CES Trailer. The new trailer only shows first-party details.

Just this past week, Sony released a trailer for CES 2021 that detailed many of the companies upcoming games along with some release dates. Sony has now gone back pulled or altered many of the release dates from the PS5 trailer.

In the small print underneath the original trailer, you will notice that Capcom’s upcoming title Pragmata was listed to release in 2023. The game had previously been slated to release in 2022.

Project Athia, a project coming from Square Enix and being developed by Luminous Production, was given a January 2022 release date. On top of that, it will be a PS5 console exclusive for two years.

The release window for Kena: Bridge of Spirits was altered to a more defined release date. Before it was listed as a “Spring” release date. It now stated that it has a March 2021 release window. A little side note on Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The developers behind the game were the studio to animate that awesome Majora’s Mask short film from a couple of years ago.

According to the original trailer, Returnal is listed for March 19, Solar Ash in June, Little Devil Inside is listed for July, and both Stray and Ghostwire Tokyo are listed for a release in October.

For those who would like to take a look, here is the original fine print from the video (Via Eurogamer).

Sony has now reuploaded the trailer to its YouTube Channel. This time around, only the first-party information is listed in the fine print. All of the third-party release dates and windows have been removed. Here is the new trailer:

And here is the new small print (Via Eurogamer):

Sony New Fine Print

The information before was most likely not supposed to be released to the public this soon. On top of that, there was a typo in the original text that misspelled the month of January.

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