GAMES OF THE WEEK – The 5 best new games for iOS and Android – August 8th



It’s been seven years since thatgamecompany’s Journey initially released for the PS3. A mighty-long time in the world of video games. For whatever reason – and we’re certainly not complaining – Journey released on iOS at the start of this week, appearing from nowhere at a respectable $4.99.

If you’ve not heard of Journey then maybe you’ve heard of Sky: Children of the Light which the developer launched for free last month. Both games share their silent storytelling and silent multiplayer design points, with Sky leading you through broken islands in the clouds and Journey being a jaunt through broken ruins and desert lands. The silent cameraderie which punctuates Journey remains, easily, one of the most memorable elements of the game.

Journey is available now through the App Store



OXXO is a rapidly evolving puzzle game where you slide tiles along multiple faces of objects, rotating elements through forcing them into each other. It’s a clever evolution of the traditional sliding block puzzle, with players tasked with having to match up coloured patterns by rearranging tiles across various floating grid patterns. Due to the rotating element of the game there is actually fail states within most of the levels, something normally abandoned in this type of puzzler.

It comes from Hamster on Coke Games, the mind behind Zenge, Scalak and more, who we’ve certainly been quite a fan of over the years. Their games regularly manage to bend traditional puzzle formats beyond the normal threshold and OXXO is no exception to this.

OXXO is available now for the App Store and Play Store.


Endless Runner X

You know the little Chrome dinosaur runner game which loads up when the internet goes down? Well, TBD Game Company have built an entire game around that, but with a Doki Doki Literature Club style twist. Endless Runner X has you control the Chrome dinosaur as they begin a journey to break free of their endless run travelling through code glitches, strange new areas and tricky twists on the familiar environments.

At launch there are over 20 levels to make your way through, either as the story or in an endless form. Personally I still find the Chrome Dino quite novel, having only actually realised it was a game last year, but even if you’re tired of the classic there’s almost certainly fun to be found in this evolution of that classic.

Endless Runner X is available now on the App Store.


Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition

I’ve been playing Rogue Legacy on and off for the last six years. The 2D platformer-roguelite hybrid is a truly joyful fusion of the two genres, and its quirky geneological and progression systems give it enough depth and character that even after a particually hard run it is hard to not dive back into the castle. It’s finally out on the iOS App Store in the form of the ‘Wanderer Edition’, which comes packed with exclusive traits, new rooms and new mini-bosses alongside the classic content.

There’s a high chance that you’ve already dabbled with Rogue Legacy over the years, it has launched on almost every platform going. If, however, you’ve not. Then its a fine investment and an absolute bargain at the discounted launch price of less than a dollar.

Rogue Legacy is available on the App Store.


They Breathe

I cut my games writing teeth by covering the Xbox Live Indie Games platform extensively. As such I always find it a delight to find games from that era making it over to new platforms. This time it’s They Breathe which has made the leap – the spooky, underwater platformer has made its way over to iOS & Android, and it is certainly better for the controls.

The title, which dates back to 2011, challenges you to carefully descend into the depths of a murky, flooded forest in search of more water. The problem is that sinister things lurk between the trees, and they’re just as intent on survival as your squishy frog protagonist.

They Breathe is available on the App Store and Play Store.

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