GAMES OF THE WEEK – The 5 best new games for iOS and Android – October 2nd


Call of Duty: Mobile – iOS / Android

It goes without saying that Call of Duty: Mobile would make it into the list, it’s easily the biggest release since… well, since Mario Kart Tour last week and Pokemon Masters not long before.

We’ve been playing the heck out of Call of Duty: Mobile, especially its new Battle Royale mode, and the overall team consensus seems to be that we are extremely impressed with the controls. Not the default ones, mind, you’ll have to do a little tweaking.

Also impressive is the map selection – which features quite a few memorable classics – and we’ve barely had any technical or server based issues, which is normally a surefire point of discussion when it comes to other Call of Duty outings.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available now on the App Store and on Google Play


Takoway – iOS / Android

Takoway revolves around a six-legged octopus (a hexapus) who is trapped in a series of puzzles all based around the Necker Cube Illusion – wherein the interior and exterior of a surface are interchangeable depending on perspective.

It’s a smart little puzzler, one which plays with perspective in ways we might well have seen before, but with a style and fun-spirit which we haven’t.

You can find Takoway on the App Store and on Google Play


Dear Esther – iOS

Regardless of what you think of narrative adventure titles, more commonly known as ‘Walking Simulators’, its impossible to deny that they’ve had a massive impact on how we tell stories in first person games. Originally invented as an ‘anti corridor-shooter’ Dear Esther tells a tale of loss and sorrow wrapped around a mysterious island in the highlands. Shadows move and flicker, leaves dance in the wind and paper boats bob on the ocean, but despite it only being you on the island you never feel truly alone.

Its a beautiful explore around a haunting island while a novella-length of narration explains the world around you and the driving forces of the island. If that sounds like your cup of tea then I sorely recommend that you check it out.

There’s no iOS trailer for Dear Esther, so below is the trailer for the Landmark Edition which released back in 2017.

Dear Esther is available now on the App Store.


Bounty Hunter Space Lizard – iOS / Android

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is a turn-based tactical game which plays out on a grid. It’s about smart movements and clever attacks – somewhat reminiscent of Hoplite, Imbroglio and Morphblade, if you’ve played any of those. Most of the games revolve around very limited movements where the objects you can actually attack with are either the tiles you are on, or are extremely limited themselves. It makes each combat almost like a puzzle game, or perhaps more similar to the chaos-sandboxes of the immersive sim genre.

If none of that made any sense, I’m sorry. What I mean to say is that Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is a puzzle-action game where you must very carefully move around a deadly battlefield, finding weapons while also trying to lead your enemies into positions where it is most advantageous for you to strike. It’s hard, it’s fun, and that’s great.

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is available now on the App Store (through Test Flight) and on Google Play


Dungeon Break – iOS / Android

We had quite a bit to say about Dungeon Break, the sequel to Billion Lords, when we wrote about it’s iOS release back at the end of August. Unlike its predecessor you no longer control a swarm of minions in a tower-offense format. Instead you take on the enemy hordes as a minion, and through the dungeons that you helped create in the first game, no less.

While it plays out with a lot of the familiar aRPG tropes and controls, the charm and design of Dungeon Break shines through. I’m a particular fan of games which use 3D-presenting sprites, especially when they crack out a lot of visual effects – and you’ll barely go a minute without that happening here.

Oh, and it’s all controlled with one finger, so you can write about the game in the weekly games of the week article while you are playing through it.

Dungeon Break is available on the App Store, and is also available on Google Play where it has just released from Early Access.

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