GAMES OF THE WEEK – The 5 best new games for iOS and Android – September 12th


This is the Police 2

Our App Army adored the first This is the Police when it released on iOS at the end of last year, although they did have some reservations about the diffilculty. This is the Police 2 might not follow the same story – a sherrif trying to juggle their duty and retirement funds – but it definitely carries the same intensity. Sheriff Lilly Reed teams up with fugitive Jack Boyd to try and clean up Sharpwood – a border town overflowing with crime. You’ll be towing the line as you attempt to restore justice to the town, but how far do you push in order to complete your objective?

This is the Police 2 toes a careful line between its management and strategy overview – in which you must not only attempt to wrest control of the town, but also keep your police department supported and supportive – and turn-based strategy with it’s combat sequences. They’re notoriously hard too, a single shot will drop even the most nimble deputy, so you’ll have to play carefully if you want to succeed.

This is the Police 2 is available now on Google Play and the App Store


Ceres M

Ceres M has definitely been rattling around for some time, however this week finally saw the full release for the RPG. For thsoe of you who aren’t aware of the game it’s a RPG dungeon-battler where you must gather a group of heroes to defeat consecutive dungeons of monsters. Much like a few recent RPGs of this sort, most of the gameplay is automated, however you can customise the AI of each, or all, of your party members at any point.

Naturally the real appeal of games of this sort is the capacity to min-max your entire party down to the finest detail, leveling up and then swapping out your units as you secure better ones through the gacha mechanics. The real appeal, however, and the thing which really makes Ceres M stand out is the character artwork. The developers appear to have hired a massive selection of artists, and manage to capture the spirit of several generations of video game artwork – including calling on the iconic early FF style.

Ceres M is available now on Google Play and the App Store


Captain Tsubasa Zero

Have you ever watched the Captain Tsubasa anime? I’ve not. But I have played a lot of Football Manager and enjoy the RPG-esque database which chugs away powering every interaction when it comes to match day. Captain Tsubasa Zero has this RPG aspect to it, but it also has the bright and colourful, Saturday-morning cartoon zeal which we’ve come to expect from anime games.

How does this play out, you ask? Well, between bouts of story you are taken to the football pitch, once there your team (as assembled mostly through gatcha-style ‘transfers’) all run around booting the ball at each other as one might expect. However, each character has certain skills – be they taking a shot, or weaving around opponents – and when they activate them it queues statistic checks against all those who would stand in the way. In a perhaps predictable fashion the numbers are absolutely ludicrous and even during the tutorial there are six digit numbers contending against each other.

If that sounds like something you are up for then you should definitely check out Captain Tsubasa Zero, however do be aware that the tutorial is very text heavy at the start of the game.

Captain Tsubasa Zero is available now on the App Store.


The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania

An unwritten rule that I’ve avoided games with extremely simple, arcade-ish mechanics while I’ve been handling this regular feature. The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania gets to be the first exception to this rule due to its extremely on-point branding and proper use of the IP.

It’s a simple pull-back-and-fling scenario when you first get going, however as you progress there’s dozens of different upgrades which can change your starting rival (a way to get a massive boost to your launch) as well as change the effect and frequency of various bonuses and collectables along the way. It’s fun enough, and does manage to capture what I remember of the Powerpuff Girls universe at least as much as I’ve ever seen done before. 

The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania is available now on the App Store and Google Play



Set in an extremely large education facility back in 1960’s Taiwan, Red Candle Games’ Detention explores the experience of living under martial law as a 2D horror title. Comparisons place it somewhere between Amnesia and Lone Survivor – so, psychological horror it is then.

If Red Candle Games sounds familiar that’s because their latest title, Devotion, was removed from online stores after a storm was kicked up regarding an included poster which triggered some political tensions.

Detention is available now on Google Play and the App Store

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