GameStop is Laying Off Dozens of Employees Following Reorganization

GameStop has laid off around 50 employees as part of the company’s plan to restructure.

With GameStop’s plans to restructure their stores, it’s being reported that over 50 employees have been laid off due to the reorganization.

Twitter user MVG posted a leaked GameStop email which goes into the layoffs and the company’s future.

“Unfortunately, with these changes, there are more than 50 field leaders who have been impacted and will be leaving the GameStop team,” the email read. “This includes regional, district, HR, and LP leaders. These leaders will be missed and we wish them success in their future endeavors.”

“These decisions are not easy, but necessary to help us to reduce costs to enable investments in revenue-driving initiatives that will grow the business once again,” the email continued. “There is more work to be done to streamline the number of tasks for our field leaders and provide tools to support their daily activities. This work has already begun and will continue moving forward.”

In a report from Kotaku, one employee affected by the layoff spoke about the layoffs.

“It was widespread,” said the former employee. “50-plus DLs [District Leaders], 6 RLs [Regional Leaders], multiple HR [Human Resources] and LP [Loss Prevention] staff. Most districts and region are massive now. Dls have 20 plus stores and quality of living I would assume is going to go down.”

Following this news, a Reddit thread appeared that confirms the layoffs.

This news comes after GameStop’s plans to restructure their stores to feature things such as retro products and holding gaming tournaments. Additionally, news of these layoffs comes weeks before GameStop holds their annual GameStop Expo, an event for GameStop store managers and leaders being held from August 24-29 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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