GDC Relief Fundraiser Helps Devs Recover Losses Due to Coronavirus

Due to the unfortunate postponement of GDC, is holding a GDC Relief Fundraiser to aid developers to recover from their losses.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, GDC was postponed. As such, many developers who were supposed to be in attendance suffered losses in a variety of forms. To help recover from these losses, started a GDC Relief Fundraiser.

“With the news of GDC’s official cancellation, many marginalized developers are facing the reality that they’ve invested what sometimes comes down to years of savings into an event that will no longer happen,” says the page. “Many developers around the world do not have a way to refund their visas, lodging, and travel costs. Many worry that they did not just lose the opportunity of attending this years’ conference, but also the possibility to re-route the funds spent to other opportunities throughout the year.”

Between now and April 3, 2020, you can donate to the GDC Relief Fundraiser via the GDC Relief Bundle on The bundle, which lets you name your own price, comes with a whopping 167 games, most of which are DRM free, and some with Steam keys. It should be noted that keys for third-party platforms will not be available for repeat buyers and will only be available to those who spend $10 or more. You can follow this link to donate and get a ton of games.

Additionally, there will be a few livestreams on Twitch from people in the games industry to help get the word out about the GDC Relief Fundraiser. March 30’s livestream saw the likes of Supergiant Games Composer Darren Korb and popular voice actor Jennifer Hale. March 31’s livestream ended with Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail answering fan questions. April 1’s livestream will cap the event, ending with FTL and Into the Breach “music guy” Ben Prunty.

The coronavirus epidemic has affected the games industry in a big way. Not only has GDC been postponed, but E3, one of the biggest video game trade shows in the world, was canceled.

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