Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s Ongoing Lawsuit Has Ended

Pitchford was exonerated of all allegations and the two parties involved have reportedly exchanged apologies.

All the way back in January, it was reported that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was in the midst of a lawsuit from one of the company’s former lawyers, Wade Callender. The lawsuit claimed that Pitchford had secretly taken a $12 million dollar bonus for himself. Gearbox stood behind Pitchford vehemently when the story was made public.

As of today, that ongoing legal battle has now concluded. The Hollywood Reporter has shared that the dispute has now been settled and won’t be moving forward any longer. “Upon review of all the evidence in the case, it was of the opinion of counsel that the evidence exonerated Randy Pitchford from the allegations against him,” said the statement regarding the matter. “All misunderstandings between the parties have been corrected, and apologies were exchanged. Because the parties are mutually bound by confidentiality, no additional statements will be forthcoming.”

This saga brings about what is likely the end of a strange storyline that has followed Pitchford, and to a degree, Gearbox, as the company has gone about promoting Borderlands 3 this year. While the root of the lawsuit dealt with the money that Pitchford reportedly took, Callender also made additional accusations saying that Pitchford had left a USB drive containing information belonging to 2K and “underage pornography” at a Medieval Times restaurant. Pitchford himself ended up corroborating portions of this story later on during a podcast appearance clarifying that the thumb drive did indeed contain pornography that was “barely legal”.

As the statement provided explains, we’ll likely never learn publicly about everything that went down between Pitchford and Callendar’s teams to bring this lawsuit to an end, but this sure has been one odd story to follow.

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