Gearbox Software Has Announced the PlayStation 4 Release of Astroneer

After its launch in February, sand-box adventure game Astroneer has been announced for the PlayStation 4 with a November release date.

Just a couple months after its initial release, Gearbox Software has announced that Astroneer will launch on the PlayStation 4 this November.

Astroneer celebrates space travel by giving solo players and friends alike a galaxy of planets to explore,” says the game’s press release. “Excavate and elevate the land using the game’s Terrain Tool to collect valuable resources for researching new technology. Craft vehicles, build and customize bases, overcome the challenges of diverse biomes, and uncover the secrets at the heart of the solar system.”

The game was in early access back in 2016 and it originally released on Steam back in February. The trailer starts off with one astronaut messing around with a Dualshock 4 controller and another being thrown around with each button press of the controller. From there, the trailer shows off the different enviornments and activities players can do. Based on the trailer, the game looks to be a mix between No Man’s Sky with a bit of Minecraft.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, System Era Softworks’ Joe Tirado discussed the creative process behind designing the astronaut’s suits. “For suit creation, we worked very closely with an amazing concept artist and 3D artist, Heather Penn,” says Tirado. “After the first four suits in the game were decided on, she was tasked with creating a new round of suits for each planet type in the game. She ran with that idea, and started to envision space suits for all the different enviornments that Astroneers might encounter on their travels.”

For the PlayStation 4 version, it’ll come with all the content from the PC version and an exclusive suit and visor. Additionally, the PS4 version will include the upcoming Explorer update which releases on September 4 on Xbox One and PC. If you preorder the game, you’ll get access to the game’s soundtrack and an exclusive theme.

Astroneer launches on November 15 on PlayStation 4.

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