Gears 5 Trailer Explores Multiplayer Maps Available at Launch

A new Gears 5 trailer examines all 11 multiplayer maps that will be available when the game launches next month.

Gears 5 launches next month. The Coalition has released a new trailer examining all 11 multiplayer maps that will be available at launch in light of the flagship Microsoft exclusive’s impending release. Seven of those 11 will be Versus and Horde mode maps, while the other four will be for Escape mode. The seven arena-style Versus and Horde maps are Asylum, Bunker, District, Exhibit, Icebound, Training Grounds, and Vasgar.

Asylum is touted as a more classic Gears map. It’s delineated by running trains that players will have to weave past, while the larger Bunker will have teams fighting for control of a major chokepoint. District opens things up a bit by setting combat on the open streets. Meanwhile, Exhibit condenses the action with two lanes quartered by a laser security system. Icebound subjects teams to a map influenced by its environment–players can strategically chip away at a large frozen lake. Finally, Training Grounds and Vasgar encourage long-range combat throughout a mixture of raised and leveled areas. All in all, each map seems to offer a unique twist that can alter a team’s strategies.

The trailer also makes note of the four hive-style maps for Escape mode. While these maps don’t get quite as much attention, we do know their names: The Hive, The Descent, The Mines, and The Gauntlet. The trailer closes out by encouraging players to engage in map building. Eventually, players can upload their arena and hive maps to share.

There will be more maps of all kinds coming post-launch. Tiles found in the Map Builder will get updated for free with time, allowing creators to continuously build after Gears 5 releases for the PC and Xbox One on Sept. 10, 2019 (Sept. 6 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers). Gears 5 fans who haven’t yet pre-ordered the game can do so now.

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