Gears Pop!, the moba spin-off from Gears of War is available now on iOS and Android

Gears Pop! the spin-off to the hugely popular cover shooter Gears of War is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

It was also revealed recently that by signing in with your Xbox Live account details you’ll be able to earn achievements. Like Minecraft before it, you’ll able to net yourself some Gamerscore on the go, with 1000g on offer. It even includes a ‘Seriously’ style achievement that’s been a staple of the Gears series since the beginning.

Unlike its main series counterpart Gears Pop! is less a cover-based shooter and more a Clash Royale type MOBA. There’s still plenty of chest-high walls though, it just wouldn’t be Gears without them. It’ll also have all your favourite Gears characters like Cole, Marcus and Dom and Locust enemies such as Boomers. I’m not 100% if Theron Guards are involved though, I hope they are.

The gameplay itself looks pretty fun. And like I said, if you’re familiar with Clash Royale you won’t feel too out of place here. Viewed from a more-or-less top-down angle you’ll be tasked with taking down your opponents outposts and then their leader.

You’ll play units from a selection available to you on the bottom of the screen and send them on their merry way. Once they reach cover they will gain territory once they’ve held their ground long enough which allows you to play your units further up the arena.

Not all units will take cover of course, Boomer’s will just casually stroll down the middle whilst Wretches will rush outposts with no regard for their own lives. Players will also have ultimate abilities at their disposal such as the Hammer of Dawn, bringing down some orbital laser damage when in a pinch.

It might not be the Gears spin-off most fans would imagine but I think it’s worth giving a try at least. If you’re a long-time Gears or even Pop! figure fan then Gears Pop! is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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