Gears POP! tips, cheats – Full list of EVERY character pin in Gears POP!

Gears of War has finally landed on mobile. That’s right, there are locusts, big guns, chainsaws, that one song from the original trailer that’s basically a meme these days, everything you remember about the classic franchise. Oh, but also there are Funko POP vinyls, I guess.

Gears POP! is a brand new mobile strategy game that fuses the brand power of both Gears of War and Funko to create a capitalist nightmare which will haunt me in my sleep with cold, black, emotionless eyes.

But forget about what I think, because that’s not why we’re here. No, we’re here to list off absolutely every single character pin and units pin in the entire game. Here we’ve put them in separate lists, organised by how much energy they require to summon. Flick through our lists below for some easy comparisons which will help you decide who you should have in your team next!

In our Gears POP! first impressions, we concluded: “A lack of in-depth tactics isn’t going to be an issue for everyone and it doesn’t stop Gears Pop! from being a pretty fun game. Those frantic finishes I mentioned do make winning feel excellent because of the tension it creates. Plus, if you’ve never played a Clash Royale style game and there’s a chance that a lot of Gears fans won’t have, then you’ll enjoy it more by not having your impression tainted by the gold standard of the genre.”

Gears POP! really can be a fun game to enjoy, and it also comes with Xbox Live achievements, which also help carry you through the game.

If you’ve been enjoying Gears POP!, or you’re looking at starting real soon, this guide will help you.

But you should totally be looking at our beginner tips, and once you’ve got your foot in the game, hop on over to our tips for the co-op Horde mode.


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