Ghost of Tsushima Hits PS4 on June 26

Sucker Punch’s upcoming action-adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima, finally has a release date.

Essentially out of nowhere, Sony and Sucker Punch released a new story-focused trailer this morning for the upcoming release of Ghost of Tsushima. In the process, the game’s release date was also officially announced.

As seen at the end of the game’s latest trailer, we now know that Ghost of Tsushima will hit PS4 on June 26, 2020. Much like Sony’s other previous first-party releases, the game will be releasing on a Friday ensuring that you’ll have plenty of time to hunker down and play it over the course of its first weekend of launch. It’s also a date that has proven to be on the earlier edge of Sucker Punch’s previous “Summer” release window for the title.

As for the trailer itself, it gives us arguably our best look at the story we’ve seen in any video so far. The video starts off with us seeing the main protagonist, Jin Sakai, as a young boy being trained as a samurai. After certain events take place involving the Mongols some years later, we then start to see the path that Jin takes to become the “Ghost” that the title of the game refers to. Ghost of Tsushima seems to be a story about revenge, but what comes with Jin’s path of revenge might not meet the approval of those around him. The trailer seriously continues to make the game look phenomenal and I cannot wait.

You can check out the new story trailer down below if you’re interested. In my opinion, this is looking like it could be one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the year. Let me know your thoughts on both the release date and new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima in the comments.

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