Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Built for a Community of Players with Various Gameplay Preferences

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a massive third-person shooter with many facets that are all connected through a fantastic cross-progression system.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint offers a varied open-world that’s built with a community of players in mind. At its core, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is still the stealth action third-person shooter longtime fans of the series love, however, newly added systems, mechanics, and modes work to mold the game into something that different groups of players with various playstyle preferences can get into. Ubisoft wants players to come back again and again to the world of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the team has added a plethora of content to uncover with that in mind.

Breakpoint starts by introducing players to the game’s story and the character of Cole Walker, played by Jon Bernthal. While I have yet to understand why Ubisoft thinks this character is so great, I’m already feeling motivated to see his journey through to the end. As previously mentioned, the open-world island feels varied with multiple things to do and all activities work towards a greater goal of defeating Walker’s faction, the Wolves. Overall, the story has a comic book-like nature that never takes itself too seriously given the circumstances the Ghosts find themselves in this time around. According to the game’s writer, this is a title that’s built on giving players the fantasy of being a super of solider, of being a Ghost, and they’ve done exactly that.

Of course, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is better with friends and having a squad of up to four players prompts some of the most entertaining moments in the game. Ubisoft has designed a lot of the in-game activities with squads in mind, but single-player junkies can still hop into this content by themselves if they’d like. The thing with Ubisoft’s games in the shooter genre is that they have a great philosophy, appealing to many groups of players as opposed to just one. Based on the size of the map and Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s endgame content, there’ll likely be hundreds of hours worth of content and this can all be experienced in whatever way the player would like.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint also offers light RPG elements that encourage exploration. Guns and equipment will be littered throughout the map in secret hideouts and outposts. Everything comes with its own stats so the game also happens to have loot mechanics that are really engaging and fun to mess around with. Thankfully, if players find clothing and armor they really like, Ubisoft has made it so anything that’s picked up can be equipped via a separate equipment menu so you can take on the appearance of something you’ve already acquired while still netting the stat boosts of other gear. As far as I found during my demo, this doesn’t carry over with weapons but I also never found a weapon that wasn’t immensely satisfying to use.

Ghost Recon Breapoint

At the start of the game, players will be able to create their own character and level up their preferred skill tree. At launch, there’ll be four classes to explore, each with their own defining skills, perks, and equipment that can be learned over time. Looking at the skill tree for the first time can be quite overwhelming, but it’s exciting to imagine what waits in the late game as your character continues growing. Progression carries over into every mode so whether you like to spend your time in multiplayer PVP matches, co-op missions, or single-player open-world gameplay, you never have to worry about micromanaging. Everything is mutually connected and Ubisoft should be commended on making it all feel very seamless.

Gameplay in Ghost Recon Breakpoint feels solid and really struck a chord with me as a big fan of Metal Gear Solid VOn harder difficulties, players will be forced to take a more methodical and rewarding approach to take down enemies. Given the fact that the game is open-world, the environments are usually very open and allow for many different options. Executing feels exceptionally satisfying, but it’s not always easy. Wolves and drones, in particular, are high-level enemies that’ll give players a run for their money in the earlier hours of the game. Drones specifically act as tougher and faster enemies with thick plates of armor that need to be shot off before they can be dishing out meaningful damage. Ghost Recon Breakpoint balances its moments of triumph and struggle very well to the point where players will feel powerful, but never too powerful.

Ghost Recon Breapoint

Multiplayer PVP at launch is one of the most exciting new additions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. As somebody that prefers jumping right into PVP as opposed to single-player offerings in shooters, I was sold on Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s multiplayer in just a handful of matches. Two modes will be available to players in the form of team deathmatch and a sabotage-style mode. As opposed to the open-world game, PVP definitely forces players to take a slower approach. Maps are expansive, weather and time of day are varied, so oftentimes this allows for competitors to take advantage of surroundings. Additionally, specific class upgrades will allow for different advantages in each location. Ultimately, nothing can really beat a squad with solid communication though.

The only problem in multiplayer comes with the revive mechanic. Players can be picked up after being downed multiple times and it can oftentimes make the kills feel less satisfying. There were instances where a firefight would continue on and on because teams would hide behind cover, mine included, and pick up downed players. It feels like this mechanic should be more limited, but not taken out of the game completely as it can give the losing team another chance at victory. It’s a small gripe in what otherwise feels like a really solid multiplayer mode.

Ghost Recon Breapoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a vast and beautiful game that builds upon many of the faults players had with Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft has made it a goal to make this a game all about the community that it has been building since Wildlands, and will continue building in the months following the launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. What is introduced in the opening hours seems like it’ll give way to a game that has tons of replay value and that’s really exciting.

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