God Eater 3 on Switch is Perhaps the Best Place to Play

Unless you’re playing with friends, the Nintendo Switch is the best place to play this anime Monster Hunter.

This article contains impressions on the Nintendo Switch port of God Eater 3. We have our official DualShockers Review from earlier this year in case that is more of what you are looking for. 

I went into God Eater 3 knowing really nothing about the game. I found out quickly it has a lot of similarities with the Monster Hunter franchise. Knowing that the title originally released for PS4 and PC, I expected the game to have downgraded visuals and choppier gameplay here on Switch. While both of those things ring true with God Eater 3, I don’t think it really matters with the type of game that it is. In fact, it’s actually probably the best platform to play on.

As I began building my character and getting a sense of the lore of God Eater 3, I quickly realized that most of the story that was being presented I wasn’t going to wrap my head around, which is fine. What I did understand was that my character and party members were known as AGEs, Adaptive God Eaters. Our mission was simply to kill monsters. As I learned the combat mechanics, it became apparent that this was more of an action RPG, which I really like. 

Once I defeated enemies and completed missions I would gain ability points. During missions, you eventually are able to take three NPC characters to join you as party members. It was nice that I had characters backing me up and that they had a separate pool of ability points so that I could spend to my points towards my character with no worry. Also, each character has certain abilities that other characters do not have. So I would have one character focusing on poisoning creatures while another would bind them, which stop enemies from unleashing certain attacks.

God Eater 3 on Switch is Perhaps the Best Place to Play

On missions, I had three different tools in my disposal: Melee, Gun, and Shield. All of these are transformed from whichever melee weapon I chose. I was most attracted to the scythe. Having a variety of what I could use in each situation, I never really felt required to use the gun. I had the shield to protect myself from taking damage, but whenever I was on the offense I would just use my melee weapon. The gun does allow you to heal party members by shooting them with healing bullets, but again, I never really felt required to do so. 

The combat of God Eater 3 is centered around a specific mechanic known as burst. Burst is a level system where you deal more damage. When burst is active, your gun gets three link burst bullets where you can shoot your teammates and give them levels of burst. In turn, they can do the same to you. For the most part, it is a really cool buff mechanic. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shoot myself with the link burst bullets point-blank even though there is a way that helps me do so. 

When fighting enemies nearby with a teammate, a yellow circle will fill up above them. Once filled, I could activate engage, a mechanic that “links” me and a teammate together. Each character has an engage skill which activates during this time. Because I was linked with my teammate, if I shot him with a link bullet it would up their burst level as well as my own. 

God Eater 3 on Switch is Perhaps the Best Place to Play

My biggest critique of God Eater is that the missions are too short. I’ll go and upgrade, craft, and spend ability points to prepare myself for the next mission and then I will beat it in five to ten minutes at most and then go back to base to start a new short mission. It kills my momentum on wanting to keep playing.  However, with it being on Switc,h I actually think it might benefit players. Being able to play the game in short bursts and picking up where you left off straight away is a nice feature. 

Just like other platforms you can play online with other players in replacement of your NPC party members. Nintendo’s online service isn’t the best, but it is an option.  

When it comes down to it, I believe those who play God Eater 3 are playing for the gameplay (and story if they are well invested). The graphics are fine enough to get by and the performance is actually pretty good here on Switch. Being able to take it on the go is such a benefit that I really see little reason as to why one wouldn’t want the Switch version compared to other platforms. Unless you’re expecting to play with friends during the majority of your playtime, then the Switch is where you should probably want to play God Eater 3 on your own.

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