God of War Reaction Gifs by Sony Santa Monica Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Reddit user Falconbox has put together a wonderful collection of all the God of War Gifs that will not only make you laugh but also now you’ll always have the perfect gif at your fingertips

If like me, you spend a good portion of your day finding the perfect witty or funny gif in reply to a message, then this may help free up some time that could be used more productively – like watching cat videos on YouTube, for instance.

Courtesy of Sony Santa Monica who developed the God of War series and organized by Reddit user Falconbox, we now have some of the best gifs on hand that will blow any other insignificant animated image out of the water. In this perfect Gif collection, we see all of our beloved characters from God of War that includes Kratos, Freya, Atreus, Baldur, the Huldra Brothers – Sindri and Brok and an amazing one of them altogether jumping into the air as seen from the movie Anchorman.

[Image] Album of every God of War reaction gif Sony Santa Monica has posted so far (with originals for comparison) from r/PS4

They are all amazingly crafted, but I think my favorites are the ones with Freya in them – especially the Tina Fey inspired high-fiving herself gif or the hilarious ‘Magic’ gif that shows Freya sporting a mustache. I don’t think I really appreciated how photorealistic Freya is until now. Although, I can totally see myself using the Kratos throwing his computer away image – which is based on Ron Swanson in the hit TV show Parks and recreations – on a daily basis.

The team at Sony Santa Monica must have had hours of fun and laughter animating our most treasured characters – and why not, they deserve it after such an incredible (almost) year since God of War released having already won Game of the Year 2019 at the DICE Awards and then another at the New York Games Awards, and that’s just this year.

Creator of God of War and all-around nice guy Cory Barlog uses these GIFs quite a lot which you may have seen on Twitter. He especially loves to use the Freya ones when celebrating one of the many awards the game has received.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick it up on Amazon right now.

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