God of War’s Atreus Transformed Into an Old Man Will Give you Nightmares

Thanks, I hate it.

If you’ve been on the Internet at any point in the last 24 hours, you’ve likely seen old people versions of some of your friends and family popping up all over the place. This is thanks to FaceApp, an app that allows you to change your appearance based on your current look. The app’s latest functionality alters your appearance to make you look like an older version of yourself. Sometimes the results seem pretty accurate and other times they end up being horrifying.

Recently, one developer at Sony Santa Monica Studio decided to use the app on one of the characters from last year’s God of War and, hoo boy, the resulting image is pretty creepy. Santa Monica’s lead level designer Rob Davis used FaceApp to see what Kratos’ son Atreus would look like as an old man and it turned out about as weird as you’d expect.

The app clearly doesn’t work as well on non-human subjects as Atreus’ face looks more warped than it does wrinkled and old. Essentially, he looks like he’s acquired Benjamin Button’s disease. Judging by the faces he’s making, he doesn’t look too thrilled about this either. Kratos seems to think it’s funny though as you can see him laughing in the background of one of the images.

You can see both of the resulting images of Atreus in the tweet down below if you’re at all interested. Be warned though, they may cause you to not be able to sleep tonight.

And if you haven’t played God of War, which you definitely should, you can pick it up on PS4 right now.

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