Google Play Pass arrives in the US this week and will have over 350 apps and games

Hot on the heels of Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass has announced its arrival into the mobile subscription arena. It will be available in the US this week with over 350 games and apps for the price of $4.99. Other countries are expected to follow soon.

We were expecting Play Pass to arrive sometime in the Fall but we didn’t expect it to arrive so soon after its nearest rival, though I suppose it completely makes sense. Much like Apple Arcade, subscribing to Google Play Pass means the games will have no ads or IAPs.

There will be new games added to the service every month, though don’t expect these to always be brand new games made exclusively for Android. As you can see from the trailer below, the games available on Google Play Pass are mostly games that have been available for a while, either just as part of the service or with ads/IAPs removed.

Games like Limbo, Stardew Valley and Terraria can all be purchased already. However, that doesn’t mean that games won’t be made exclusive to Play Pass. The FAQs on the official site offer a form for any developers who wish to be part of the service to fill in.

Google Play Pass will also have a family sharing option with up to 5 other people, so 6 in total. To be able to use the service, you will need Play Store version 16.6.25 and beyond as well as Android version 4.4 and above.

If you’re in the US there is a currently a pretty decent sounding deal you can take advantage of. If you sign up to a 10-day trial before October 10th then once that has expired you can get Google Play Pass for 1.99 a month for 12 months, after which it will revert to the usual $4.99.

Google Play Pass arrives in the US this week and will cost $4.99 a month. For more information, check out the official site

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