Google Stadia Will Add Achievements After Launch

Google Stadia will eventually have achievements, but they will not be there when it launches in November 2019.

Ever since the Xbox 360 introduced achievements to the world, they have become fairly standard in the industry. Most, if not all, major releases on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One have some version of support for achievements or something similar like trophies. As Google is poised to be the next major competitor in the gaming scene, some fans were wondering if their platform would have achievements in today’s Google Stadia AMA.

The answer is yes, but they will unfortunately not be there at launch. This was revealed by Andrey Doronichev, Google Stadia’s Director of Products, during the aforementioned AMA on the official Google Stadia Reddit. He started by voicing his love for achievements on other platforms and confirmed that it is certainly something Google is keeping in mind. “Oh yes, achievements…as a lifelong gamer and a pathological overachiever, I love achievements! Of course we’ll have something similar to other platforms.”

That being said, he continued on to say “however, it will not be there immediately at launch. Will come a bit later.” This likely means that achievements will be one of the features that rolls out in 2020 alongside support for platforms other than the Chromecast. As achievements will not be present at launch, it will certainly be interesting to see what Google Stadia’s feature set actually is when the streaming-based platform releases.

Google Stadia is poised to launch in November 2019. If you are curious about what games will be available on the system at launch, you can check out the list released by Google.

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