Gorgeous painting and meandering RPG Eastshade is heading to consoles in October

Out on Xbox One and PS4.

Eastshade, the gorgeous open-world exploration RPG of anthropomorphic animals and painterly pursuits, is heading to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 21st October.

If you’ve not previously had the pleasure on PC (it came out earlier this year), Eastshade really is a lovely thing, ditching the RPG genre’s usual violent inclinations in favour of serene meandering and entirely more artistic endeavours.

Upon arriving on the titular island (following a rather unfortunate nautical mishap), you’re left to your own devices, wandering freely through gnarled forests, quaint villages, and billowing, flower-pocked meadows. Perhaps you’d like to make friends with the locals or take in the sights – and maybe even record some memories for posterity on canvas.

There is a story of sorts – you’re attempting to create paintings based on your mother’s recollections of the island – but it’s largely just a loose framework to keep you moving toward Eastshade’s furthest reaches. The real texture comes from the imaginative little quests and vignettes that unfold on your travels – sometimes sending you off on a new artistic commission, sometimes asking you to assist a man with a pot on his head, or help a bear play a trick on his brother – and there’s even a smidgeon of crafting for some added variety.

Eastshade is not a game for everyone, admittedly; the PC version was just a little rough around the edges, and there’s no ignoring the fact that it’s not what you might call a thrill-a-minute fiesta. I had a lovely time with it though, just pottering about and painting and picking flowers, occasionally exchanging pleasantries with a monkey. Perhaps you will too!

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