Granblue Fantasy Relink Development Update Coming on March 8

Granblue celebrates its 6th anniversary on March 8 with a live stream, meaning an update on PlayStation 4 exclusive Granblue Fantasy Relink is upon us.

Cygames is commemorating the 6th anniversary of Granblue Fantasy, the best gacha game there is, with a live stream on March 8. This is the usual Granblue birthday event stream, which will bring us new information and updates on everything Granblue-related. Meaning we should hear more about Granblue Fantasy Relink, the action RPG in development coming to PlayStation 4. We might see new gameplay, a trailer, or we might only hear about how Cygames is still hard working on the game and nothing else.

The last time we heard about Relink was at the last Granblue Fantasy Fes in December 2019. Back then, Director Tetsuya Fukuhara explained how Cygames already has a release date in mind for Granblue Fantasy Relink, but will wait until the last moment to announce it to avoid delays. You can read more about that and check some gameplay here.

You’ll be able to watch the Granblue anniversary event on Cygames’ official YouTube channel. The event starts at 18:00 JST. (Click here for time conversions). A lot of nice seiyuu will be present, and I’ll actually be watching the stream to bring back some nice details as always.

Granblue Fantasy Versus, available on PS4 and coming to PC on March 13, will also be revealing the trailer for the last DLC character of its first season pass during the stream. The character has leaked though because of an image on the PSN, it’s Zooey. Anyway. If you wanna read more, you can check our Granblue Fantasy Versus review, our guides on how to learn the game, and how to unlock Metera and Zeta’s original costumes to get Beyond the Hard Times For Now.

Granblue Fantasy is on iOS, Android, and PC. You can check our guide if you wanna try it out.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Uma Musume.

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