Grandia HD Collection for Nintendo Switch is Finally Arriving Next Week

Grandia HD Collection from GungHo Online Entertainment America releases for Nintendo Switch on August 16, 2019.

While we have know about GungHo Online Entertainment America’s Grandia HD Collection for some time, I even checked it out at E3, the remaster still lacked a release date. That finally changed today though, as GungHo Online Entertainment confirmed that August 16 will be the day that Grandia HD Collection hits Nintendo’s hybrid console.

On August 16, Grandia II Anniversary Edition will also be renamed to Grandia II HD Remaster on Steam; unfortunately, PC players will have to wait until a later, undisclosed date to try Grandia HD Remaster. If you are looking to replay both games this month, it seems like the Nintendo Switch release of Grandia HD Collection will be your best option.

With this release date confirmation also came the final feature set for each remaster. GungHo Online Entertainment could confirm that the new version of Grandia has received widescreen support as well as enhanced sprites, art, UI, and cinematic videos, dual audio, and French and German subtitles. The PC release of Grandia HD Remaster will also feature Steam cards and achievements, customizable resolutions, and remappable controls. Moving onto Grandia II, that game has also gotten similar cinematic, UI, sprite, and art visual enhancements as well as dual audio, French and German text translations, and customizable resolutions on PC.

Grandia HD Collection hits Nintendo Switch on August 16 before the remaster of the first game comes to PC at a later date. The collection currently is not slated for PS4, and GungHo recently explained that decision to DualShockers. 

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