Grindstone cheats, tips – Essential tips for 100% completion

The Apple Arcade has finally launched and has brought with a bunch of excellent games, and the latest to be added to the line-up since launch is Grindstone.

Grindstone is essentially a puzzle game, but with a brutal action element. You’ll be slashing through dozens of colored monsters at a time, but doing so in color order, and only if they’re within your reach. It does an amazing job of taking the tried-and-true Candy Crush color format and making it completely fresh and enjoyable.

Grindstone has dozens of levels for you to slash through, but don’t be in a rush. There are loads of rewards to find in each stage, and with this guide, we’re going to give you the necessary information you need to aim for 100% completion, from the basic movement patterns you’ll need to adopt to the items you need to collect and how…

Eight-way movement and abilities

You play as a bloodthirsty warrior – I can’t remember his name, honestly – and he is limited by the rules of puzzle games. Therefore he can attack dozens of enemies in a single move, but only if they are all the same color, and close enough so that he can link all of his attacks together.

Luckily he can move in eight directions, up, right, left, down, and everything in between. That means you can move diagonally to squares nearby, vastly expanding the number of enemies you can hit versus the standard four directions.

This also allows you a lot of flexibility in your movement, and when multiple colored enemies are grouped together, you should be able to maneuver around all of them and end up closer to wherever your target is afterward. Chests, gems, wood, and more will count towards your combo, allowing you to extend ever further.

Luckily you have unlimited time to plan out your route to manoeuvre down, so you can perfect your plans before you take any action. As for the targets you should be aiming for…


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