Gwent could be set to arrive for Android on March 24th after a Google Play listing was briefly spotted

Some eagle-eyed Redditors have spotted a potential release date for the Android version of Gwent. A Google Play store listing of the Witcher card game was briefly discovered before promptly being removed. Before that happened, Reddit user ‘betraying_chino’ grabbed a link to a Polish announcement trailer that states the game will be available for Android on 24th March.

This would be after the upcoming World Masters tournament which is set to take place on March 14th-15th, which suggests the intention might have been to announce and open pre-registers around the tournament. However, the current, official line from CD Projekt Red is that the game will be available during Q1 of this year.

This was reiterated during a recent developer stream on 4th February. During that same video, they mentioned that they had the game fully ported onto Android and that they’d moved into the process of optimising the game so it ran on more than the higher-end devices. They added the game was on schedule and that they’d be opening pre-registers soon, but did not provide a specific date.

The store listing also mentioned an exclusive Imperial Golem avatar that players would get for pre-registering for the Android version of Gwent. The avatar can be seen below in an image that was obtained by the same Reddit user who shared the trailer.

The iOS version of Gwent released back in October 2019 and has been regularly updated since, receiving the Merchants of Ofir expansion in December alongside various bug fixes and stability optimisation. Naturally, Android users have been frequently asking when they’d be able to join in ever since.

Gwent is currently available on the App Store where it is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Meanwhile, there’s still been no official word on a specific released date for the Android version of the game beyond Q1 2020.

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