Gwent Journey Brings Geralt to The Witcher-Themed Card Game

Gwent Journey is a new progression system now available in The Witcher-themed card game, introducing the Geralt of Rivia legendary leader skin.

For the next three months, The Witcher-themed card game is getting a new progression system. Gwent Journey brings a slew of new content including a skin for the legendary witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

Gwent Journey is a new level-based progression system that will replace the typical Crown progression for the next three months. Similar in concept to a battle pass, you will progress through Journey by playing Gwent‘s Seasonal and Classic modes. With a total of 100 levels to unlock, you’ll earn new vanity items including the Geralt legendary neutral leader skin, player avatars, and card kegs. The start of each week will also begin a new chapter of Journey‘s story featuring Geralt and Dandelion.

The new Gwent Journey progression system is entirely free. However, there are paid options that will give you a few rewards immediately. For $9.99, the Premium Pass will instantly unlock the legendary Geralt Skin. At $24.99, the Fast Travel bundle will unlock 25 levels, the legendary Geralt skin, and 20 ornaments instantly.

So, what makes this Geralt skin different from other Gwent leader skins? It is the first legendary leader skin with multiple customization options. As you play, you will unlock weapons, armors, trophies, and accessories you can equip on the Geralt skin. It is also a neutral skin, allowing you to use Geralt with any faction.

This is the first Gwent Journey to be featured in the card game. According to the FAQ on the game’s website, CD Projekt Red plans to make this an ongoing feature.

Gwent Journey progression system is now available on PC, iOS, and Android. In other recent Witcher news, The Witcher Netflix show officially suspended production due to coronavirus concerns.

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