Hacknet Developer’s Next Game Wrestledunk Sports is a Wacky Collection of Multiplayer Mayhem

Hacknet’s developer is back with a “super tight” and completely bonkers multiplayer sports game Wrestledunk Sports.

If you told me the guy who made the terminal-based hacking simulator Hacknet’s next game would be an online multiplayer sports game, I would have thought you were crazy. However, it appears that’s the world we’re living in. Wrestledunk Sports is a bonkers collection of online “sports” carnage that you have to see to understand. Give it a watch below.

Players will have the option of playing either wrestling, volleyball, smashball, or fencing. All four modes look incredibly fun, especially if you have a group of friends around. That said, volleyball and wrestling really stood out for me in the announce trailer. Volleyball has you spiking the ball into the ground in fast-paced, highly technical gameplay, while wrestling sees you trying to bodyslam your opponents into the ground to knock them out of the round. Smashball looks a bit like ping-pong with jetpacks, and fencing will require well-timed precision thrusting.

Wrestledunk looks like an incredible party game. Everything looked easy to grok at first glance. That’s an important thing to have if you’re rotating new players in-and-out on a constant basis. That said, the developer is promising “super tight” gameplay, which should mean that players who really want to dig into the mechanics will be rewarded for doing so.

Up to eight players can play both in local and online play. Wrestledunk Sports does not yet have a release date; however, the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. Make sure to stick with DualShockers for all your indie news.

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