Hades Now Available Now on Steam Early Access, Free Copy of Pyre with Purchase

Purchasing Supergiant’s rouglike dungeon-crawler, Hades, on Steam Early Access will get you a free giftable copy of its previously released game Pyre.

Supergiant Games newest game Hades is now available on Steam Early Access. Purchasing the game through the Steam storefront will get you a free giftable copy of Pyre.

There are a few different options to choose from when purchasing Hades through Steam. The standard edition, which just includes the game, is at a 20% discount; this brings the price down to $19.99 rather than the typical $24.99. There is a bundle that includes both the game and the soundtrack which is at a 23% discount, bringing the price down to $26.98 rather than $34.98. Lastly, the Supergiant Collection bundle is at a 19% discount, priced currently at $80.68 rather than $99.93; this bundle comes with Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and Hades.

The discount on the standard version of Hades is a special promotion to celebrate its launch on Steam, and will end on December 17. The offer that gets you a free giftable copy of Pyre lasts until January 2, 2020. Regardless of what bundle you decide to go with, you’ll get a copy of Supergiant’s last entry.

Hades is a roguelike dungeon-crawler where you play as the Prince of the Underworld as you try to escape the grasp of the god of the dead, Hades. You’ll meet some familiar gods along the way like Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon as they will help you upgrade your abilities. After each death, some of your progression carries over, and potentially learn more about the story. According to the description on Steam, the game combines elements from each of its previous releases.

Initially, Hades was only available through the Epic Games Store. Since its launch last December, there have been several major updates that have not only fixed some of the problems of the game, but have added a significant amount of content. While an exact date for Hades‘ 1.0 release date has yet to be revealed, Supergiant aims to get it out in the “latter half of 2020.”

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