Halo 5 is the Xbox One’s Top-Selling Exclusive

Halo 5 remains the king on Xbox One and PC nearly four years after launching.

Along with revealing the best-selling exclusives on the PS4 platform recently, The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella also recently divulged the top-selling titles on the Xbox One, as well.

343 Industries’ latest mainline entry in the Halo saga, Halo 5: Guardians, is the Xbox One’s best-selling exclusive game to date. This isn’t all that surprising considering Halo has long been the most successful and prominent franchise on Xbox consoles. In fact, the second best-selling game on this list is that of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Clearly, Xbox owners still like them some Halo.

The rest of the list features four different Forza entires in addition to other titles like Gears of War 4Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay 2. The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella also mentions that this exclusives chart also includes sales on the PC platform, as these games are the exact same product being sold as Play Anywhere titles.

What’s interesting to see on this list is that exclusives in recent years haven’t charted as high as games that released earlier in the generation. This likely means that Xbox Game Pass has become a way in which many play Microsoft-published titles, rather than buying them outright.

It’s also worth noting that Halo 5 specifically doesn’t appear on the platform’s overall top-selling games chart. That list, unsurprisingly topped by Grand Theft Auto V, contains no first-party titles to speak of and is instead entirely comprised of third-party games. This isn’t all that shocking, though. Even on the PS4, only Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War were able to find their way into the top 10 overall chart.

With a high-profile game like Gears 5 having just released, it’ll be interesting to see how this list might change or evolve in the final year or so of the Xbox One’s life cycle before Xbox Scarlett launches next year.

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