Halo Co-Creator to Unveil Sci-Fi Shooter Disintegration at Gamescom

Disintegration is a new sci-fi first person shooter from Marcus Letho, co-creator of Halo, and The Outer Worlds publisher Private Division.

V1 Interactive, a company founded by Halo Co-Creator Marcus Letho, has been chipping away at a new game for a couple years. So far, we only got a few environmental screenshots and a confirmation of a partnership with The Outer Worlds publisher Private Division. Now, V1 Interactive and Private Division have confirmed that they will pulling the curtain back on the it at Gamescom. We also got a short teaser and learned the game’s title: Disintegration.

As you can see, that trailer does not show much outside of that spaceship, though the video’s description does confirm that Disintegration is a sci-fi first person shooter. As it is from one of the creators of Halo, that genre choice does make a lot of sense. The teaser and Geoff Keighley also confirmed that Disintegration will be fully unveiled on August 19 during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show.

While the teaser is otherwise quite scarce on details, V1 Interactive did put out a post on their blog following the game’s reveal thanking those who have been anticipating their first game and discussing both the anxiety and excitement that comes with revealing a game. It is very heartfelt and worth reading if you are now looking forward to Disintegration.

As always, you can expect Gamescom news coverage from DualShockers on interesting new titles like Disintegration. No platforms or release window has been given for the game yet, though in regards to the game’s development V1 Interactive says “the finish line is a few miles out, but it’s coming up fast.”

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